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Car Towing and Lockout Services near New Wilmington, Pennsylvania

Randy's Towing & Recovery - New Wilmington, PA

Every driver in the US needs roadside assistance at some point in their motoring career. If it happens to you near New Wilmington Township in Pennsylvania then there is no need to worry because solid and experienced professional help is only a phone call away.

Randy's Towing & Recovery has been in business for 10 years and offers an affordable towing service to any driver whose car has broken down within a wide radius of their base in nearby New Castle. It is a mere 15 minute drive for our technicians to travel to New Wilmington. 

The first thing we will do is make sure your vehicle is off the highway and able to be worked on safely. It is obviously dangerous to work on a broken down car in the road. If possible we will tow you to a nearby car park or another garage. 

Depending on your problem, we can jumpstart your vehicle, replace a flat tire with the spare you have, deliver gas to you with a charge for the gas and the trip, or unlock a vehicle if you find yourself locked out. 

Our service is available 24 hours a day, Monday thru Friday. Our years of experience and the fact we provide fast, professional service is what separates us from our competitors in the area. We also pride ourselves in the courteous way in which we deal with all customers. 

New Wilmington is only one of the communities near our base that we regularly travel to in order to help stricken drivers. Others include Edinburg, Mount Jackson, Bessemer, Hillsville, West Pittsburg, Rose Point, Frizzleburg, Pulaski and Wampum. 

So if your care ‘dies’ at the roadside anywhere in or near New Wilmington then make sure you have our number to hand. We are professional and thorough and will get your vehicle running again quickly. Call Randy's Towing & Recovery on (724) 202-1353 for the towing professionals