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Randy's Towing & Recovery

Tow Truck Driver - New Castle, PA

As a well rounded and flexible company we offer our customers hitch and flatbed towing services. Whether you own a small compact car or a vehicle as big as a Ford F-450 we can haul you wherever you need to go! We provide towing as far as 25 miles to customers’ destinations, including: tow lots, garages, homes and junk yards.

Each of our tow truck drivers are put through a background check and have previous experience towing. Our reputable company and affordable prices alongside the excellent customer service we provide is what makes us the best in town! Open 24 hours a day Monday- Friday we allow customers to receive the help they deserve!

At Randy's Towing & Recovery we provide emergency towing whether you have broken down or been in an accident. You can request us to come out and tow your vehicle and the police have us on a call list for accidents. We are trustworthy and also quick and courteous. We will tow you as far as you need to go!

Call us now at (724) 202-1353 to speak to one of our friendly and helping associates. Whether you need a tire change, car tow, fuel delivery or lock out services we will drive out to you as quickly as possible!